Vegas Showdown


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DesignerHenry Stern
ArtistDavid Hudnut, Scott Okumura, Peter Whitley
PublisherAvalon Hill Games, Inc., Wizards of the Coast
Year Published2005
# of Players3 - 5
User Suggested # of Players Best with 5 players
Recommended with 3, 4, 5 players
(126 voters)
Playing Time75
Mfg Suggested Ages12 and up
User Suggested Ages10 and up
(19 voters)
Language DependenceModerate in-game text - needs crib sheet or paste ups
(35 voters)
MechanicAuction/Bidding, Auction: Fixed Placement, Network and Route Building, Tile Placement
FamilyCities: Las Vegas (Nevada, USA)
Primary NameVegas Showdown

Infos courtesy of More Infos.


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Dimensions 27 × 27 × 8 cm


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