Truffle Shuffle


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DesignerMolly Johnson, Robert Melvin, Shawn Stankewich
ArtistDylan Mangini
PublisherAlderac Entertainment Group, Mandoo Games, Popcorn Games
Year Published2020
# of Players2 - 4
User Suggested # of Players Best with 3 players
Recommended with 2, 3, 4 players
(4 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages14 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(1 voters)
CategoryCard Game
MechanicCard Drafting, Set Collection
FamilyAdmin: Unreleased Games
Primary NameTruffle Shuffle
Alternate Names트러플 셔플

Infos courtesy of More Infos.


In the quick-playing, card-drafting game Truffle Shuffle, players take turns selecting truffles from a shared box of overlapping cards in order to make their own arrangements of chocolates to sell. Players can complete a variety of sets, using special modifiers and action cards. With so many different chocolate truffles to unwrap and different ways to combine them, every game of Truffle Shuffle is unique!


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