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DesignerFréderic Moyersoen
ArtistAndrea Boekhoff, Fréderic Moyersoen
PublisherAMIGO, 999 Games, Asmodee, Boardgame Space, Brain Games, Bureau de Juegos, Corfix, Dal Negro, Dr. Wood Challenge Centre, Fractal Juegos, G3, Gigamic, Giochi Uniti, HaKubia, Kaissa Chess & Games, Kikigagne?, Korea Boardgames co., Ltd.,, Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd, Mayfair Games, Meeples Cafe, Mercurio, Möbius Games, PaperGames (III), Paradigm Infinitum Pte Ltd, Piatnik, Sun Team Day Hobby Company, Swan Panasia Co., Ltd., VR Distribution, Z-Man Games, Inc., Взрослые дети
Year Published2004
# of Players3 - 10
User Suggested # of Players Best with 10+ players
Recommended with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 players
(306 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages8 and up
(87 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(106 voters)
CategoryBluffing, Card Game, Exploration, Fantasy, Party Game
MechanicHand Management, Hidden Roles, Map Addition, Network and Route Building, Take That, Team-Based Game, Traitor Game
ExpansionBrettspiel Adventskalender 2016, Saboteur 2 (expansion-only editions), Saboteur: Brettspiel Adventskalender 2016 Promo, Saboteur: Cancellation, Saboteur: Das Stollenfest, Saboteur: Inventory, Saboteur: Map Swap, Saboteur: Rock Gold, Saboteur: Selfish Dwarf, Saboteur: The Wardrobe Cavern
FamilyGame: Saboteur, Theme: Mining
Primary NameSaboteur
Alternate NamesAranyásók, Sabotażysta, Sabotér, Σαμποτέρ, Гномы-вредители, סבאטור, المخرب, お邪魔者, 矮人掘金, 사보타지

Infos courtesy of More Infos.


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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 2 cm


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