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DesignerClifford Von Wickler
Artist(Uncredited), Taavi Oolberg
Publisher(Unknown), 3M, Action Games and Toys Ltd, AG Müller (AGMüller), Alga, The American Belt Company, Aristoplay, ASS Altenburger Spielkarten, BCF, Bergsala Enigma, Berliner Spielkarten, Bookmark Verlag, Carlit, CBN Razor Company AB, CEFA (Celulosa Fabril S. A.), Chad Valley Co Ltd., CHH Games, Clementoni, Dal Negro, danspil, Exclusive Toy Corp., Falomir Juegos, Games International BV, Gegu Spielwaren GmbH, Gherzi, Goldmerk, El Greco, Grow Jogos e Brinquedos, Guau, Hasbro, HEMA, House of Games, House of Marbles, Ideal, Inovac Rima SA, Invicta Games, Jouets Mont-Blanc, Kaywood Corp., King International, Klee, Lakeside, Magic Box Int., Maple Toys, Max Dähnert & Söhne, MB Giochi, MB Jeux, MB Juegos, MB Spellen, MB Spiele, Merit, Milton Bradley, Montitoys, Mulder, Novedades Montecarlo, Nu-Bef, Pais e Filhos, Palet spil, Papita, Parker Brothers, Paul Lamond Games Ltd, Peri Spiele, Peter Pan Playthings, Piatnik, Poptoy, The Purple Cow, Ruibal Hermanos S.A., Saitek, Sala, Schmidt Spiele, Selecta Spielzeug, Smethport Specialty Co., Spear's Games, Stellar Games, Tactic, Tesco, Toyco, Transogram, Trixy Games, Unikatoy, Vilpa, Whitman, Wilco Publishing
Year Published1931
# of Players2 - 2
User Suggested # of Players Best with 2 players
Recommended with 2 players
(91 voters)
Playing Time30
Mfg Suggested Ages8 and up
User Suggested Ages6 and up
(62 voters)
Language DependenceNo necessary in-game text
(41 voters)
CategoryChildren's Game, Deduction, Nautical, Wargame
MechanicPaper-and-Pencil, Secret Unit Deployment
ExpansionSuper Sea Battle
FamilyBooks: Tark Mees Taskus, Game: Battleship, Mythology: Atlantis, Players: Two Player Only Games, Series: 3M Paper Games Series, Series: Travel Games for Smart Kids (Goldmerk)
Primary NameBattleship
Alternate NamesAffonda la flotta, Air Battle, Aqua ¡Boom!, Ataque Aéreo, Atlantis: The Lost Empire – Two Worlds Collide, Bataille Aérienne, Bataille navale, Batalha Naval, Batalla Aérea, Batalla Naval, Battaglia Navale, Battle Ships, Battleboats, The Battleship Game, Battleship The Classic Naval Combat Game, Battleship: Game Folio Edition, Battleships, Bitwa Morska, Broadside, Broadsides, Classic battleship: movie edition, Combat, Combate Naval, Convoy, Convoy: Kryssarspelet, F-5 Hundido, F16 Derribado, Flotta contro flotta, Flotten-Kampfspiel, Flotten-Kampfspiel, Flottenkampfspiel, Flottenmanöver, De Groote Zeeslag, Guerra Barcos, Guerra de barcos, Hundir la Flota, Hundir Los Barcos, Kryssarspelet, Kugu Kauja, L'Aero Naval, Laevade Pommitamine, Laivanupotuspeli, Luchtslag, Luftschlacht, Meritaistelu, Morskoi Boi, Naval Battle, Normandie, Nya Kryssarspelet, Nya kryssarspelet, Okręty, Play Marine, Pocket Battleships, Radar, Reise Flottenmanöver, Salvo, Sänka Skepp, Schiffe versenken, Schiffe-Versenken, Schot voor de boeg, Sea Battle, Sea Battle, Seemanöver, Seeschlacht, Sink the Battle Fleet, Sjöslaget, De slag op zee, Slagorde, Slagskip, Sprekende zeeslag per computer, Star Wars Battleship, Star Wars Hundir la flota | Aundir a frota, Det stora sjöslaget, Submarino, Submarino, Sunk, Swiss Navy, Sænke slagskibe, Søslag, Tank Commander, Torpedó, Touché-Coulé, Trafalgar, Travel Battleship, Travel Sea Battle, Two Worlds Collide, Tzolelot, Upscope, Vlootgevecht, Volldampf Voraus!, Warfare Naval Combat, Warship, Warship Chess, Warships, Wings, Zeeslag, Zeeslag Atlantis, Zink de schepen, Ναυμαχία, Морской бой, צוללות

Infos courtesy of More Infos.


Battleship was originally a pencil-and-paper public domain game known by different names, but Milton Bradley made it into the well known board game in 1967. The pencil and paper grids were changed to plastic grids with holes that could hold plastic pegs used to record the guesses.

Each player deploys his ships (of lengths varying from 2 to 5 squares) secretly on a square grid. Then each player shoots at the other’s grid by calling a location. The defender responds by “Hit!” or “Miss!”. You try to deduce where the enemy ships are and sink them. First to do so wins.

The Salvo variant listed in the rules allows each player to call out from 1 to 5 shots at a time depending on the amount of ships the player has left (IE: players each start off with 5 ships, so they start off with 5 shots. As ships are sunk, the players gets fewer shots). This version of the game is closer to the original pencil-and-paper public domain game. Many versions of the pencil-and-paper game have different amounts of shots based on the ship (IE: Battleship: 5 shots. Destroyer: 3 Shots, Etc.).

In 2008, Hasbro “reinvented” the game into Battleship (Revised).

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Dimensions 27 × 27 × 5 cm


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