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One Ring to School Them All | Nov 15 at 7 PM

There and back again…

How well do you know Middle Earth? Come on down to our magical trivia night only at Spielhaus!

Exclusive prizes, snacks and drinks await!

What are you waiting for?
Walt Do You Know? Disney Trivia Nov 8th

When you wish upon a Trivia Night at Spielhaus!

How well do you know your Disney movies? From the OG Snow White to the newest Wreck It Ralph, we’ve got your Disney fix at Spielhaus!

Join us for a special night of Disney trivia, snacks, drinks and – most importantly – Prizes!

Bring your glass slippers, your talking animal sidekick and your sense of adventure because we’ve got your Disney game ready to go!

Join us!
Dungeons & Dragons 22 Nov

Are you the Dungeon Master Master? Have you delved countless dungeons, slain dragons and lived to play another day?

Come on out to Spielhaus for our Dungeons & Dragons Trivia night and show the world what it takes to become one of the elite few.

Special themed drinks, snacks and prizes await! Cover is $6 or free with a sandwich or dessert purchase.

Masters Arise!
November 29: Labyrinth

Have you fought your way here, beyond the goblin city? Are you as in love with this Jim Henson classic as the rest of us? Do I remind you of the babe? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we have a celebration waiting for you. Join us and fellow Labyrinth enthusiasts as we dive deep into the trivia of this modern masterpiece.

Prizes, specialty snacks and drinks await you! And just like Ludo, we’ve got friends!

Admission is $6 or free with a sandwich or dessert purchase.

Make your night
December 6th: Super Smash Brothers

Twas the night before Smash Bros, and all through the land, The legions prepared to take out master hand, While we wait for Sakurai to bestow us the game, Why not come for trivia and put others to shame? We’ve got questions of Mario, Ridley and Peach And when it comes to Links, we’ve got at least three-(ch) So come one and all and prepare for the fight, For before it releases, it’s the trivia night!

$6 admission or free with a sandwich or dessert purchase

Prepare for the fight
Nightmare Before Christmas December 13th: at 7 PM

Come out as we dive deep into the classic stop motion masterpiece, Tim Burtons “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Join us as we quiz each other on Jack, Sally, and all the crazy inhabitants of Halloweentown. Whether something is up with Jack, or you just need to Oogie Boogie, Spielhaus is your nightmare destination! $6 admission or free with a sandwich or dessert purchase

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OPEN GAMING! Tuesday Nights at 7pm!

New to the area? Love games and can’t find the time to organize a game night?

Just wanna make new friends in a warm and accepting environment?

Open gaming is your destination. Come on out and play with us!

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